Successful Business Communication: It Starts At The Beginning

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Successful Business Communication: It Starts At the Beginning
By: Amy Rees Anderson The article starts with Amy Rees Anderson going to detail about her attending Dr. John Lund seminar on communication. One thing that stood out to her the most is when Dr. John Lund said, “Don’t communicate to be understood; rather, communicate so as not to be misunderstood.”(Lund, John Dr.) She believes that it was a great way to put into perspective the efforts we put into improving our communication. She goes into detail about his presentation breaking it down into two parts; how to successfully begin a conversation in business and how to successfully conduct a conversation in business. Amy starts with how to successfully begin a conversation in business and in general there are three things men and women in business settings want to know and those are; is what you want to talk about going to be painful?, how long is it going to take?, and when you are done talking, what do you want from me? She explains that if someone doesn’t know these three things up front, then they will make an excuse to avoid the call or talking to them. She states that, “the reason he gave was that men and executive women always want to know the exit to the conversation before thy feel safe engaging in it.”(Anderson, Amy Rees) I would agree with this statement because I think the best way to communicate with someone always knows what you’re going into to talk about so the conversation can go smoothly and both parties understand what each person wants. When Amy attended Dr. John Lung’s seminar she wrote that Dr. Lund gave some amazing tips on how to better understand the way one interprets communication from others and when people communicate with others the way they interpret their messages are passed on three things; 55% is based on their facial expressions and they body language, 37% is based on the tone of their voice, and 8% is based on the words they say. She states that Dr. Lund said that the percentages were the averages across both women and men, but women alone, give greater weight to the facial expressions and body language and less on the words. I would have to agree with that Dr. Lund said because I feel like women express their feeling more with their body language and facial expression. Amy recommends that people keep a small mirror by their office phone so they can look in the mirror when they are on the phone talking because it would make one more aware of the facial expressions they have and usually causes one to smile and that tone of voice will come through the phone. Having success in the business setting is greatly impacted by the way one communicates. I would have to agree