Essay on Successful Information System

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There are a few things a company must know about their organization in order to build and have a successful information system. One of the major things a organization is to figure out the right kind of data used to help the organization. Different companies needs vary when it comes to data. Some may need the best security and some companies may need a huge amount of data. A place like Disney World would need a lot of data and tight security for all the moving parts that goes with running that organization. Also a company must know what kind of communication will be needed to help the company run successfully. Not just between employees but also to customers. At my current job, we use a lot of encrypted emailing to communicate between each other. My last job we all had cell phones to communicate with each. An organization must research operations and figure out which for of communication is best for success. Also how communication to customers or clients will be handled. Another important factor is how will data be recorded and stored. A business needs to know how much data will be saved for record keeping and even analyzing a company growth.

I work as an accountant for the US Army Corp of Engineers. The information system we use is very complex to me. We use two three main programs for research and statistics. Excel, CEFMS and CEEMIS. There are other programs that we use but those are the main ones. Every document we send and receive is encrypted and monitored. With…