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John Schmoltze
English 101
Definition essay
October 1, 2013

“Leadership is diving for a loose ball, getting the crowd involved, getting other players involved. It's being able to take it as well as dish it out. That's the only way you're going to get respect from the players.” – Larry Bird Many times leaders intimidate their colleagues with their title and power when they walk into a room. Successful leaders deflect attention away from them and encourage others to voice their opinions. Successful leaders are expert decision makers, Motivators and confidence.
To be a Successful leader you have to have good decision making skills. Having good decision making skills is a key skill that any leader in a working environment or any group’s activity needs to have. I was one of the captains for our football team in high school and as a captain you are in charge and have to make a lot of critical decisions. There was a time where one of the teammates I knew was causing a lot of trouble off the field and sometimes on the field. Although, he was a very good player. But as group we had to all make a decision for what was best for the team on and off the field. Even though it was High School Football we still wanted to have a good reputation and he was ruining it by being arrested and as well being a dirty player on the field. We talked to the coach and it came down to where we kicked him off the team. It was a difficult decision though because he was a key player who helped us win games but brought negativity to the team. In the end it was a good decision though.
Being confident is an important role in leadership. Part of your role as a leader is to put out fires and maintain the team morale. Keep up your confidence level, and assure everyone that setbacks are natural and the important thing is to focus on the larger goal. As the leader, by staying calm and confident, you will help keep the team feeling the same. If you show you’re not confident in what you are doing that will rub off on your teammates. An example of being confident is when your behind in a football game with only two minutes left. As a quarter Back there has to be confidence in your receivers and as well your lineman. Knowing that there going make it so you have enough time to throw the ball down the field without turning the ball over and hopefully scoring. If the Confidence isn’t there you’re more likely to make more mistakes because you’re trying to do everything by yourself.
Leaders NEVER stop being teachers, their motivated to even learn themselves. They use teaching to keep their colleagues well-informed and knowledgeable through statistics, trends, and other newsworthy items. Motivation is the feeling you get when you really want to complete a task or reach a goal, motivation forces you to stay up those extra 3 hours to study when you are on the brink of exhaustion or that last 30 seconds to win that game. Motivation makes you believe that failure is not an option in your book so you