Sudden Death In High School Athletes Research Paper

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Have you ever watched the news and saw that a football player, who had potential passed away during or after a football game, or even at practice? And did you ever wonder what could've possibly caused it to happen? Maybe it was the training they did, maybe the coaches pushed them to hard, maybe it was really hot outside, maybe they had a previous injury or maybe they knew that they were hurt and just didn't want to say something about it. There could be many possible reasons, but the 3 main leading causes of sudden death in high school athletes are cardiac arrest, heat strokes, and concussions.

Sudden cardiac arrest seems to be the number one out of all three causes of deaths in athletes. According to Nytimes, a high school student dies of cardiac arrest every three days in the united states. That's like 36 deaths every 3 months. The risk is even higher in competitive athletes.

If you are wondering what a cardiac arrest is, it isn't the same as a heart attack. People usually get these words mixed up because they both deal with the heart but they are not the same. The difference between a cardiac arrest and a heart attack is that in a heart attack, the blood flow to your heart is being blocked by a blood clot or something else. While a cardiac arrest happens when the heart malfunctions and just stops beating without any
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Researchers have shown that bystanders who have CPR training are much more likely to take action when a bad situation occurs. Which is why it's important for coaches to learn how to perform CPR. The reason is because you might not always have the athletic trainer right by your side and in cardiac arrest you have to act quick. And if you wait for a trainer to arrive, it just might be too late. Even if it's just learning the basics of CPR and first aid safety, it can make a huge life and death