Sue Kebold: A Rhetorical Analysis

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Sue Kebold’s “My Son was A Columbine Shooter” speech centers around her son’s declining mental health which led him to commit a mass murder at his high school and end his own life. Her speech was compelling and potent touching on the importance of acknowledging the suffering of our loved ones, providing factual and statistical information about suicide, her insight on her son’s murder-suicide, and the revelation of her own mental health issues making herself relatable and not immune to mental disorders. Furthermore, Sue was able to take responsibility for herself as a mother who failed her son and was not attentive to his needs while he was alive, displaying a strong sense of sincerity and honesty which made her speech effective to me. While watching Donte Woods-Spike “Young Black Men, Not Left Out Again” TED speech, Donte’s charismatic and captivating demeanor left a huge impression on not only myself but also the TED audience.
During his speech, he was able to engage with the audience by asking them questions and making jokes displaying his great sense of humor. Not to mention, his brutally honest experience
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She conducted herself in a serious manner and provided several facts and statistics on suicide, informing her audience on the severity of the topic. Her presentation of the subject was not conversational, it was more formal. Furthermore, Donte and Sue’s presentations differ in many ways. Donte is more engaging and energetic in his presentation. He is able to joke around with his audience and in return, they engage by laughing at his jokes and being entertained by them. Although his style is non-formal and light-hearted, his lectures are still very informative. He also uses a visual aid to present his message to his audience. Sue on the other hand is much more formal and conducts herself very seriously. She does not use any visual aids but still manages to get her message