Essay about Suffering and Maureen

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Case study
Maureen is 70 years old and loves taking her dog bingo to the fields for evening walks. She suffers from dementia and lives at her home with a 24 hour carer. Her carer Mary is very short tempered. Maureen daughter has been noticing bruises on her arms and cuts on her legs. Also she noticed a lot of weight loss in the last few months which may indicate she has not been eating sufficient amounts. The two forms of abuse been shown towards to Maureen is physical and neglect abuse. Short terms effect on physical abuse on her is buries, cuts and broken bones. she may experience not able to sleep at night as she might get flash backs.She also might experience nightmare which is keeping her up at night. Maureen may feel guilt and feel that it’s her fault why she is getting hurt. she may feel powerless like she can’t do anything to prevent this happening again. A short term effect on neglect can her not able to sleep, stomach problems or breathing problems. Maureen who is neglected may be severely dehydrated by not getting enough fluids or suffering from malnutrition by not getting enough food. She will smell if the carer is not washing her and not changing her dirty clothes. She may fall ill as she not getting the right medicines and not eating enough. Maureen will feel tired and lazy and may feel pains in her legs from neglect from no one looking after her properly or taking her out for walks. She also may experiences low self-esteem due to lack of communication. For…