Essay on Sugary Drinks

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Bethy Qin
Mr. Wright
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January 8, 2014
Sugary Drinks Should Be Banned At School Should sugary drinks be banned at school? Mary MacVean published her article “Scientists Say Sugar at Levels Considered Safe is Harmful” on August 13, 2013. She used an experiment report to show how unhealthy sugary drinks are. MacVean argued that people should limit our total intake of added sugars, fats and other “discretionary calories” to 5% to 15% of total calories consumed everyday. The study shows that “added sugar consumed at concentrations currently considered safe exerts dramatic impacts on mammalian health.” And also, from the research, it says “many researchers have already made calls for reevaluation of these safe levels of consumption.” MacVean uses lots of quotes from different kinds of researches to support her idea that sugary drinks are harmful and need to be banned at school. This formal article’s purpose is to persuade people not to drink sugary drinks anymore. And I’m agree with MacVean, thinking that sugary drinks should be banned at school. I think schools should ban sugary drinks. From MacVean’s article, we can know that “when mice were fed a diet that was 25% added sugars— an amount consumed by many humans— the females died at twice the normal rate and the males were less likely to reproduce and hold territory.” Sugary drinks are really unhealthy and harmful to your body. The study uses mice because mice are “excellent mammal to model human dietary issues because they’ve been living with people and eating the same food for thousand of years.” Sugary drinks can also cause obesity which can’t be prevented. One of my friends love to drink sugary drinks, but she’s way too heavy. She’s really concerned about her weight, but she is just cannot stop drinking sugary drinks. So her mom is now helping her to get away from sugary drinks. Of course, sugary drinks are not the only cause for obesity, but once people have obesity, they have must been drinking lots of sugary drinks. I agree that if schools had banned sugary drinks, students would be healthier and intake less added sugars. If schools had banned sugary drinks and only sell waters, students won’t drink sugary drinks during the school time, and they would drink more water which