Suicide and American Soldiers Essay

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Issues veterans face after they return home from war 1. Introduction paragraph A) Between the years of 2000 through 2011 76,176 soldiers were diagnosed with Post-traumatic stress disorder. 65,236 of these soldiers were diagnosed at some stage of their deployment according this article in USA Today written by Julie Watson. I will use this to grab reader’s attention by using the numbers to shock them. This article is about an sergeant that was sent back to war for the 4th time after his has been traumatized it states that the army failed to realize that they pushed him too far. B) Introduces topic: the issues veterans face when they return home from war, I’ll focus on homelessness and PTSD C) Explain topic in greater detail: Thousands of veterans end up homeless and suffering from a mental illness such a PTSD. D) Sets reader up to want to learn more about the issues they face. I will also explain in greater detail what PTSD is exactly. 2. History A. Show the increase in how many soldiers that go to war and how many return homeless and with PTSD B. Examine the typical lifestyle of a veteran around ww2 and compare its change to the most recent war as far as how many were homeless and how many suffered from PTSD C. Rates of suicide 3. Subtitles: Problems A. How many men and woman are sent off to war B. How life is when they return back home (adjusting) C. According to author Gregg Zoroya in his article “Rise in PTSD from to ward strains resource” states that about 211,819 veterans were diagnosed with this disease. D. According to author Gregg Zoroya in his article “More Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans wind up homeless” which was published in USA today in 2010 veterans between the age of 18-30 13,000 of them were reported to be homeless after returning home.