Suicide Essay

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Third Floor Bedroom
Maybe it was the stinging of her eyes which released the salty warm tears to fall gently to the bottom of her cheeks, or the ache in her heart which seemed to antagonistically develop with each breath she took. But as she looked at her pale, dull, and white face in the mirror, there was no doubt that something was going on inside her, something so evil that no one ever noticed.
From a young age she was teased for being an accident. She was never supposed to be living in this world. She was a mistake. She believed them and became an easy target for society.
She was brought into foster care as a child due to her mum’s heavy addictions to drugs and her dad’s mental problems. She didn’t know that little girls weren’t supposed to be treated like that. She never knew the different lives 13 year old girls were supposed to live.
She felt hopeless. She felt angry. She felt broken. She was depressed. But most of all she felt scared. Scared of having to live another day in this remorse society. She wonders what would happen if she just disappeared, would anyone notice? She craved the love that she never got and wanted a connection. That feeling you get when you know you are a part of this world and included in this life. And then there we're the voices constantly saying "your ugly,” “everybody hates you,” and “no one cares" the voices that imitated her thoughts. She wasn't sure if the voices were her own thoughts or they were spirits speaking into her head. She was past caring. All that she knew now was that she was overwhelmed by everything. The sarcastic remarks from her friends, and the constant hounding of her foster parent and teachers. It seemed to her like everyone wanted her gone out of their lives forever…
She leisurely walked into her room on the third story of yet another place to call home and slowly she turned her head down and her eyes caught the motionless and still light that gazed through the small window in the corner of the room, the light caused the deep grazes on her arms to become even more noticeable. This