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People commit suicide every day in the world. It is an ugly but truthful thing in the world as we know it today. Some people's situations put them in a more likely position to commit suicide. People commit suicide for many different reasons. Most people would say there's never a reason to commit suicide. Others would say you can never truly know until you're faced with certain situations. Some would say almost all of suicides are caused by someone being confused by overwhelming emotion and not truly seeing the whole picture.

When people think about suicide, they think about someone taking their life away on purpose, or in other words it means, “To kill yourself.” Suicide is a dramatic word that can change the way people view things in life. It is a thought that brings a teen to the point of self-murder. It is an event where a young one feels desperation and pain just before pulling the trigger or jumping off the bridge. Many of those who have thought about suicide or have committed suicide have done so because their life has changed, and many are having difficulty adjusting to it. It is a time where everything seems to go wrong, and a person starts to feel empty inside. It is like a mystery that could happen to young, old, rich and poor. The only thing a person can do when there are signs of suicide is to prevent it from happening, but why is it that people turn over to suicide, and how can a person prevent it from happening? There are about eighty deaths for teenage suicide every day in the United States, and there are about one thousand five hundred teens that attempt suicide. Many fail suicide, which is a good thing. After trying to attempt suicide for the first time, many can attempt to cry for help before a second attempt is made. People need to keep in mind that if a person turns to suicide and achieves suicide, there is nothing a community can do. But there are always many ways in which people can help suicidal teens. Just consider some numbers. "Teens suicide attempts and completions have risen steadily since the 1960's. Surveys have found that twenty-five percent of the high school students and ten percent of college students- a rate four times that of 1950, have seriously considered suicide. Suicidal teens generally fall into one of these groups: well-aggressive, or self-destructive. Therefore, any teen who mentions committing suicide should be taken seriously."(Teenage Suicide, 2000) What types of people are more likely to attempt suicide? Well adjusted, but living with stressful situations. They may be having difficulty in coping with a sudden crisis their parents' divorce, for example, or the death of a friend. Failure in school, a romantic break-up, or and other major loss could also serve as trigger. Warnings and Symptoms of all who commit suicide do give some warning of their intent. Because most who commit suicide have a mental or substance-related disorder, they often have difficulty coping with major disappointment, rejection, or failure. Generally the symptoms of suicidal feelings are similar to those of depression.
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