Suki Kim's Facing Poverty with a Rich Girl's Habits Essay

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Charmaine Small
English 111
September 17, 2012
Summary Response essay
Facing Poverty with a Rich Girls Habits

I always thought about what would wealthy people feel if they were in poor people’s shoes. To see how middle class people struggle with money instead of assuming everything is easy. I wondered if wealthy people would do if they went bankrupt and how that person would get back on their feet. What intrigued me to write my essay is a memoir that I read called “Facing Poverty with a Rich Girls Habits.” The Memoir is about the author named Suki Kim and the essay came from The New York Times newspaper.
This woman named Suki Kim's life changed instantly. In the beginning she talks about Queens, New York in 1983 where she lived
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I think she should just be herself and to always have faith that everything is going to be alright. She should take it one day at a time and make friends that can be true to her. I think this memoir teaches people never to regret what you have and always appreciate what you have. Never to be ashamed of where you came from and to always have pride that better days will come.
I wondered what kind of friends she used to have when she used to live in South Korea? I also wondered how Suki's family learned how to survive in America without any money? I could imagine her having that fantasy life that she used to have when she used to live in South Korea. I felt that she didn't show any emotion about the big move her family made to America. It seem like she was brave and didn't think that America was a hard place to survive.
I liked how Suki talked about the hip hop culture being known by other fellow Koreans. Seems as though to me that she was growing to be like an ordinary American teen that wants her ears pierced. My opinion on the memoir is that it made me feel bad but I was glad that some one in the world experience the hard times like other poor and middle class Americans. Yes its harsh, but all people have their down falls and I think rich people should imagine being in other poor or middle class people shoes. I also think that Immigrants have it hard also when they can't afford to be in their own countries and come to America to make things right. They