Sula Analytical Essay

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English 8
Sula Analytical Essay Everywhere in the world setting plays a huge part in a person’s behavior, view on things and perspective on life. Daily things that go around anyone’s neighborhood affects them every day even if they don’t notice it whether it’s immediate or long term. In the book Sula setting affects the way that two characters (Jude and Sula) in the book react to other characters in the book as well as how they survive and get by the struggles during that time. The setting affected the way Jude would be able to earn money for himself and his family. For Sula the setting affected the way she’d be able to commute and survive around the neighborhood, she faced lots of criticism and distractions which wasn’t good for her in the long run. Setting affects everything you do in your life as long as you’re residing there and that was proven in the novel Sula by Toni Morrison. One main reason that Jude was affected by setting was because he wasn’t able to obtain a certain job because of his skin color. His environment and surroundings didn’t allow him to get that opportunity and that upset him. If he was to live in an area where black people were appreciated or wanted at that time it’d make it much easier for him to obtain that job and do what he planned on doing which explains how important a person’s setting plays into their life. Sula’s setting affected her simply because women were looked down on during this time and Sula’s decisions around the town weren’t making it any easier