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Sula Part 2 Response

In the second part of Sula, Sula returns to the Bottom and is accompanied by a “plague of robins”. Her expensive clothes gets her old neighbors attention. She visits Eva and Eva criticizes her for remaining unmarried. Sula gets mad and tells Eva to shut up. She says that Eva's decision to cut off her own leg in order to collect insurance does not give her the right to control other people's lives. Eva responds by saying that was a bad daughter, Sula accuses her of murdering Plum. Eva reminds Sula that she watched Hannah burn to death. Sula threatens to kill Eva in the same way Eva killed Plum. Eva is so frightened that she keeps her door locked at night.

Later Sula becomes Eva's guardian and commits her to a nursing home, shocking the entire community. Sula's dislike for Eva is so extreme, which is evident in everything she does concerning Eva. The people in the neighborhood come to a conclusion that Sula is evil, although Sula tells Nel that she put Eva in a home because she was afraid of her. Sula telling Nel this is interesting because she is trying to cover up her hate by telling others that Eva is evil and scary. Sula and Nel spend more time together. Jude returns home and complains to Nel about some small things at his jobs that he dislikes. Sula teases him, then he comments that her birthmark looks like a snake. This leads to an affair. Nel finds out about the affair by stumbling on Sula and Jude having sex, Jude abandons Nel and their children. Nel is hurt by the affair between her husband and her best friend. It is significant how sometimes the closest people to you hurt you the most.

The community concludes that the birthmark over Sula's eye represents Hannah's ashes. They are incredibly surprised that she slept with white men. The people in the neighborhood blame Sula for random accidents. Like when Mr. Finley chokes to death on a chicken bone when he sees Sula. Also when Teapot falls off Sula's porch accidentally, Teapot's mother accuses Sula of pushing him. It is said that Sula has