Summarize The Results Your Eco-Foot And Carbon Footprint

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Danny Salud
Dr. Gita Dunhill
6 November 2014
List the sites used. Summarize the results your eco-foot and carbon footprint quizzes. Explain what the results mean.
The site I used the most was and the results from my footprint quizzes showed that I use energy way to much that if everyone lived like me we would 4.7 plants to have to sources to live.

Are the results from the various programs the same or do they vary? Why? Which one do you think is the most accurate and why?
Yes they were with me pretty much all the same I just need to stop using so much energy on things.
Do all the sites ask the same questions? If not what are some of the major differences between them?
The questions were all similar in some way.
What major categories of your lifestyle influences your eco-footprint? List the general categories.
The top 3 major categories where services, goods, and shelter.
Which one seems to be the biggest factor for you? Is there something unusual about you lifestyle?
The biggest factor for me was the energy because I use some much of it every day which I didn’t notice until I took the quizzes
What is an eco-footprint? A carbon footprint? How much of your overall eco-footprint is your carbon footprint? Could you have a small carbon footprint and large eco-footprint? How? Or could you have a large carbon footprint and small eco-footprint?
An eco-footprint is measure of human demand on the Earth’s ecosystems. An carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide emitted due to the consumption of fossil fuels by a person or group

Why do some websites ask you where you live?
A lot of it is because of location has a lot of how you live and how you use your resources
How does the eco-footprint of someone