Summart: Christopher Langan and Inspiring Non-fictional Book Essay

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"Outliers: Story of Success" By:Gladwell, Malcolm

Great stories of geniuses that have put effort to move their way to the top to become people they are today are written in this inspiring non-fictional book called Outliers: Story Of Success. I recommend this book because it will inspire students who can relate to the book that they can learn from. This book will give you ideas on how you can put yourself together and continue forward with your education even if you have obtacles you need to confront. Gladwell, Malcolm the author who uses men as her main gender from different backgrounds and ethnicties in different societies of the world. Categorizing each chapter to break down how society limited male knowledge to where some cases if men were too smart they were denied education or perhaps they would loose there education. In my perspective from reading this book i believe he wrote this book to educate others that matter the circumstances never leave school because education is never to much and when you an encounter an opportunity go for it don't held yourself back. The author also includes a rule that is important for everyone to use if you ever want to become successful and eventually professional. The rule is named The 10,000 hour rule. I also believe the author included this chapter in the book for numerous of reasons. One of the reason why i think he included this was because in order to become prefessional you need to have hours of practice doing the task you want to accomplish and work for the rest of your career. I agree with the author that in order to become successful and professional you need to hit a mark of 10,000 hours before you can become professional.
" Knowledge of a boys IQ is of little help if you are faced with formful of clever boys"
An IQ is an "Intelligent Qoutient" The author has two chapters called The trouble with geniuses part 1 and part two. In this chapter he talks about a male who is known for having the highest IQ ever recorded. His name is Christopher Langan, he has an IQ of a one-ninety-five. Christopher Langan is the smartest man in america; however he comes from a very poor family. He grew up in montana when he finished high school he was awarded two scholarships to Reed College in Portland, Oregon, but he then loses the scholarship the first year because his mother fails to turn in financial aid paperwork. He then transfers to the University of Montana, but when he needs to change his schedule to accommodate something he was told he cannot change any schedule and eventually drops out of university. After he never returns to school and starts working in construction. " Ten Thousand Hours is the magic number of greatness"
Which refers to the ten thousand hour rule in part two. I do agree on how the author stated that in order to become an expert you need to have a total of ten thousand hours of practice. This chapter talks about how an university of michigan opened its first computer centerin