It's Not Too Late: You Better Fight For Your Right To Privacy

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Summary Essay In the article, “It's Not Too Late: You Better Fight For Your Right to Privacy,” Conor Friedersdorf claims that although the anonymous appearance of Internet, privacy and security policies, Internet users' private and personal information are penetrated and violated by state and some firms (1). According to the article, it is literally inaccessible to cover personal information from the Internet access providers; Internet tracking system and some security agencies (1-2). Friedersdorf also mentions that in the future, privacy and security issues will continue to occur, militarist actions and political extremes will seem dangerous (2). In the article, Friedersdorf also indicates that the power of the citizens who can “shelve the present defeatism” (2). So, the writer calls the Internet users to defend their rights to Internet privacy before it become too late (2). Today it might seems not possible to protect our digital confidentiality strictly. However, continued voluntary actions and informing about rights and policies can induce citizens and change their approach to the issue.(Friedersdorf, 2). For instance, young generation who grow up with social media, seem are not worried about privacy and security issues right now. Soon they might support restrictions in privacy policy too (Friedersdorf, 2).
I agree with the writer's opinions in the article. Today it's almost impossible to protect our personal information from the security agencies and some firms.