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Summary: “Which Native History? By Whom? For Whom?”
Certain questions that reflect Canadian history are often asked. These questions ask about which native history should be written, who should write this native history and for whom should it be written? Canadian history should be written in a bicultural approach, relating to two distinct cultures. Canada’s olden times came from the history of aboriginal people and immigrant people that came to the country which is called a native-newcomer history. This talks about how relationship evolves overtime between indigenous people and immigrants. Native-newcomer history discusses the successfulness and failure of the relationship, like European technology and epidemic diseases.
Researchers who use bicultural approach are the ones eligible to write Canadian history. They should also have specific skills and techniques in writing. They should be knowledgeable as well with aboriginal culture because they have different rituals that should be followed. Also they should know other disciplines like art, literature, law, political studies, oral research and ethnohistory.
Ethnohistory is a great knowledge that researchers should have when writing Canadian history because it talks about anthropology and the development of culture over time. Anthropology also talks about oral researches that are significant to Canadian history. Oral researches are sometimes recorded thru writing, wampum and winter counts on the plain. Wampum and winter counts on the plain are Aboriginal people’s ways to record important events. These researches provides historian with a wider understanding of cultures and events in the past.
For whom are these writing s dedicated? All Canadians are the beneficiaries of the research writings about native-newcomer history.
Summary: “Women in Politics: Still Searching for an Equal Voice”
Women are seldom seen in politics anywhere around the world due to some observations that political women are often judged by the way they look, what they wear, their relationships and tone of voice. Women can see that politics is a male dominated environment and that women have slim