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English0800 TR.
17 September 2013
Summary and Response to “City is Right to Demolish Boarded-up Properties” In the November 6,2013 edition of The Jackson Sun, the article “Our View: City is Right to Demolish Boarded-up Properties.” In the article, they explain that abandon, and unsightly homes are not in any way good for the community and how the city is going to take care of them. “The struggle to deal with neighborhood blight is getting more attention at City Council meetings, as well as with the City Planning Department and the codes enforcement division.” It is a big issue because when a neighborhood is run down it tends to provoke crime and many other issues such as, property value dropping, and people not wanting to buy homes in that area. “The city’s decision to demolish many abandoned buildings is the right move” Although as great as it would be for everything to be cleaned up it is not absolutely feasible. As it is briefly discussed in the article “redevelopers purchase dozens, even hundreds of properties at cheap prices to hold until they can get around to refurbishing them, everyone else in the neighborhood suffers.” which is true, it is not fair for the people whom are still living in the neighborhood to suffer. The other problem they have ran into is that there is so much in different communities that needs to be rebuilt that there is not enough funding to fix it all. “In the end, neighborhood redevelopment and stabilization has to be a partnership between city and private developers” The article has many good points on the things that need to be done around the city of Jackson. It’s a good thing the City Council is actually concerned about the people in these neighborhoods and wants to help them make it a better place to live. I do agree that the more run down a place is it does in fact provoke much crime. Which is not a very safe environment for people that do not have that type of life style to live in therefore, they will not want to buy a house in those types of communities. The people whom already live there