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“America’s capacity for optimism and hope has been boundless through much of our short history”. These words are from Kathleen Parker, in her work entitled “How to reclaim American Dream”.Parker is trying to tell us that we still should have hope in spite of bad economy,and all it takes is courage. In editorial “Tweet less ,read more, in 2014”, Frank Bruni is scared of excessive using the social media.Altough as a society we have lost some of our sense of decorum,there is hope that we can “do and be better”(Kathleen Parker) if we make a renewed effort. Both authors,in both editorials criticize using technology more that our needs. Kathleen Parker is trying to encourage us with saying “The founding fathers were above all courageous as they challanged a king,fought and died for freedom,and created a country from scratch with little more than mettle and intellectual vigor”.Parker also say : “I suppose what I’m lamenting is the loss of our national imperative to do and be better ” . Frank Bruni says : “ Of a world in which so many of us entranced by the opportunity for instant expression and an immediate audience,post unformed thoughts” , “Lately there’s been a bit of academic attention to our etiquette online,which is where so many of us spend more and more of our time”. In my personal life i have seen enough cases that confirms Bruni’s and Parker’s saying. What is the problem ? Parker says : “ Part of our problem is our sense of helplessness before the overhelming power of technology,which has erased the physical boundaries of community”, and most people will agree with this reason. But, is there any kind of hope ? Can we change something and start doing something better ? Yes, exactly ! Most people today instead of couraging each other, and making some good choices for the community, they are jealous and envious each other. There is an adage that says : “When one gets a big slice,the other do not get a smaller one. If people are encouraging each other, and taking good initiatives can result with very big changes and improvements.People can make so many differences if they are trying to make up some mistakes from their elders. Barack Obama has a quote about that, and that’s the truth “Someone once said that every man is trying to live up to his father's expectations or make up for their father's mistakes”
But the people can’t do anything without courage and faith. Bruni says : “ In 2014 and beyond, one of our challenges will be to exploit the great advantages of social media - as town crier,as public square,as connector.That’s one of our next challenges. Parker also in her editorial is trying to tell that to people with saying: “All it takes is courage”. In the other editorial named “Tweet less,read more in 2014” written by