Essay on Summary: Coffee and Dunkin

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Dunkin’ Donuts opening hundreds of stores and entering new markets. Can Dunkin; Donuts win the competition with other brands. Such as McDonald’s and Starbucks. About 400 billion cups of coffee are demanded every year. Also more than 50 million Americans drink a total of 465 million cups of coffee a day. Nowadays, like Starbucks, they have lotto flavors of coffee. Only Dunkin; Donuts remember that drip coffee came in only two varieties- regular and decaf.
Dunkin’s Donuts has an occasional relationship with America brand through its more than 6,700 domestic outlets, which is densest cluster in northeast and a growing presence in the rest of the country, Meanwhile, it has nearly3000 shops in 30 countries. Recently, Dunkin’s Brands recently hired Giorgio Miranda who is overturn of McDonald’s and Burger king, and planned to expand aggressively into Asia-pacific countries. They decided to expand aggressively, because they are a fronds system.
Dunkin’ Donuts main product focus has been implicit in its name: donuts and coffee in which to dip them. Recent years, the company expanded and offers breakfast sandwiches. The store sells more than one billion cups of coffee a year. Dunkin’ Donuts pursued a time-honored business tradition following the leader. The company currently focuses on bagel and croissant-based breakfast sandwiches, saguaro pancake bites, and the big N’ Toasted.
Starbucks is known for its aggressive dominance of the coffee marketplace. Consequently, it doesn't afraid of the competitions. However, when Dunkin’s Donuts opened, it gained more resources than other competitions so that Dunkin’s Donuts can survive…