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Summary of Robin Hood and Allen-a-Dale

Two young men named Robin Hood and Little John met a young guy named Allen-a-Dale. Allen is worried about something, he is supposed to marry a maid but unfortunately for him, his woman decided to marry and old knight. Robin, a resident of Greenwood and Little John decided to help Allen by going to the Church and try to stop the wedding. When Robin Hood arrived to the Church he pretended to be a harper so he could go into the Church, Robin’s plan worked and the bishop was delighted to receive him. Afterwards, Robin let the Knight and the maid know that their wedding wasn’t a “fit match”. The Bishop disagreed with Robin’s opinion. Suddenly, Robin Hood pulled of the bishop’s coat and put it on Little John, by wearing the coat Little John immediately announced that Allen could marry his maid.
They both had a wonderful wedding, after the ceremony Robin and Little John went back to Greenwood.

Comparison and Contrast Project

Both stories were extremely confusing; the first point I noticed is that love was the main point of the stories the ambience is also the same; Fair Rosamond happened in 1174, regarding Robin Hood and Allen-a-Dale the ballad appeared for the first time in the seventeenth-century. Even though there is a discard of 600 years between the two stories. Since then I noted that the English language had systematically evolved and had more similarities with the English of the twenty first century. Fair Rosamond’s English is almost incomprehensible toward Robin Hood’s one is almost the same. The social position of women was dramatic. Concerning the Fair Rosamond it clearly shows the