Coca-Cola Creating Value

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Summary---case study part

As the world’s most valuable brand based on Interbrand’s best global brand study of 2011, Coca-Cola is the one of the best case study in terms of creating value. To start with a data shows the annual net sales of Coca-Cola in 2004 were flat, even though the company did a series of reorganizations, Coca-Cola had failed to spur growth. When the company got into terrible trouble, Neville Isbell had had to get back to the CEO position from his retirement in 2004, and identified the problem immediately that the company suffered. He said: “We have lost our vision.” Unhappy lacks their success. They have to change this vision. In order to get it back, Neville focused the company on activating brand behavior: not just what a brand believes, but what it does. And they are trying to deliver value to customers with a strong market-oriented culture, which is happiness! Furthermore, the value that customer get from Coca-Cola’s product are more than the price that customer paid for. In 2014, Coca-Cola started an activity named “2nd lives” in Asia, which means provide customer a series of innovative caps to transform used bottles into useful and fun objects. Thus, Coca-Cola did a really good work in terms of creating value. In general, Competitive advantage equals satisfying target customers needs better than your competitors. In the smartphone world, Samsung and Apple are the two biggest competitors