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There will be six quizzes given throughout the semester, and each will assume knowledge of all concepts discussed earlier in the course. All exams will be a combination of multiple choice and short answer. The final exam will be essay. POINT VALUES FOR THE COURSE ASSIGNMENTS
Assignments Due Points
Class Participation All Weeks 60
Taking Sides Participation 08.30,09.11,
10.07,10.23, 11.06,11.22 30
Campus treasure hunt presentation 09.13.13 35
Online responses to discussion questions (15 points each) 09.20.13 and 11.01.13 30
Online quizzes (six at 15 points each) 09.20,09.27,10.04,10.11, 10.18 90
The Other Wes Moore paper 11.08.13 30
Back-up Plan paper 11.15.12 35
Famous trials project/presentation 12.02.13 60
Final 12.10.13 50
Total 420

Letter Grade Percentage Scores Total Scores
A 95+% 400-420
A- 90-94% 380-400 B+ 87-89% 360-379
B 84-86% 348-359
B- 80-83% 336-347 C+ 77-79% 320-335
C 74-76% 308-319
C- 71-73% 296-307 D+ 68-70% 280-295
D 65-67% 268-279
D- 62-64% 256-267
F Less than 62% 255 or less
Students who do not officially withdraw from this course, have a score that falls in the unacceptable range, or do not take the final exam will receive a final grade of 0.0.

Last Day to Withdraw without an assessment and receive a “W”: 10.11.13
Last Day to Withdraw with an assessment and receive a “W” or “WF”: 11.08.13

The policies and procedures listed in the syllabus are in addition to those listed in the University of Missouri-Kansas City catalog and are specific to this course. This is the official syllabus for this course. Please keep in mind that if we do not finish the topic for the week we will continue the topic to the following week. Students are responsible to adhere to all Policies and Procedures outlined in the University of Missouri-Kansas City catalog and this faculty syllabus. The reading assignments and activities must be completed prior to each class meeting.

Students are expected to attend all classes on time and for the entire class period. As noted above, you will be awarded participation points for each class session. It is very important therefore, that you come to each class having done the reading and are prepared to participate in class discussions and presentations. Students who are late for class, do not attend, or do not regularly participate will receive a very low participation score at the end of the semester. Excessive tardiness to class will result in point loss as well. Coming into class late is a disruption for other students as well as to our presentations. If you are going to be in the habit of being tardy, please address this with me before remaining in this course. Further, students who do not adhere to a policy of regular attendance guidelines cannot expect to achieve a grade of “A” in this class.

Please do not use phones, Ipods, or other electronic equipment during class. This also includes text messaging. Laptop computers are not permitted in this class. Any concerns about his policy should be directed to me as soon as possible.

I understand circumstances arise where you may have to miss class. Therefore, if it is an excused absence (you have informed me ahead of class), you will not lose any participation points. You get two excused absences. After two, you will lose participation points. You are entitled to one unexcused absence (you have not informed me of the absence in advance) before the participation points are removed. If you have to leave class early, it is important to let me know.

We will use blackboard on a regular basis. I will communicate with the class through blackboard, post discussion questions, take quizzes and provide supplemental resources to enhance and challenge your understanding of the course. In addition, on the course webpage you will find the syllabus and other materials regarding