Essay Summary: George w. Bush and Good Marijuana

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Briana Dolan
5 May 2012
Proff Viehmann

Why Marijuana should be Legal? So have you ever wondered why so many people enjoy smoking Marijuana and what good things that it can do for you. American today like to call it the gateway drug but to be honest alcohol and smoking cigarettes it essential way more harmful too you. Marijuana has some other awesome benefits, it helps people that have cancer to not be in so much pain, and it also helps with HIV patients’. Back in 1937 they outlawed Marijuana, and in the 1960’s smoking was a symbol of the hippie rebellion it was determined which side of the generation you were on. I the 1970’s Marijuana was see as the munch food for Cheech and Chong and in the 90’s it was a symbol for rappers and how that praise “Chronic” (Really Good Marijuana). The back lash came from George W. Bush declared Marijuana was the public’s number ONE enemy, in the war on drugs. Liberals want the right to light up, and Conservatives want to snuff it out. Buckley mocked those who called marijuana a gateway drug, saying “on the order of saying that every rapist began by masturbating.” Twenty-Five percent republicans want to legalize it and fifty-five percent of the democrats want to illegal. Rohranacher said “ every person I’ve known to go onto harder drugs started with alcohol.” If we would legalize marijuana it would save the government 41.3 billion dollars in law-enforcement, and 46.7 billion dollars in tax revenue. Marijuana would…