Summary: MCIS Career Inventory Survey

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My group and I have just completed teaching all the materials that Jennifer, the English teacher at Hawthorne, wanted us to. For the last few weeks, we introduced MCIS Career Inventory Survey to the students to help them find their possible top 3 career pathways to help them narrow down to what they may want to do in the near future. After MCIS, we introduced the Career Project that they will be doing for the next 3 weeks. We presented and taught the students about citations, paraphrasing, quotations, peer review, presentation etiquettes, how to use google slides and the functions within google slides.
On November 12, 2015, we will get the chance to see the students present their career exploration project. I’m more worried on the fact of
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It may benefit them for getting exposure to how to use these technical skills (e.g MLA Citations, MCIS, Google Slide, and Presentation Ettiquettes) only when the point of this presentation was to research on a career of interest and explain the career to the class. A possible change to this project could be to have the students work in groups. I don’t know how well this would go, but I am assuming that it may be a help to those students who are struggling with what to do but have peers in their group to help direct them and may be able to help them understand what they’re supposed to do. Another suggestion is to have the college students like myself and my two groupmates, actually sit down individually if possible to give feedback to the student on the presentation slide that they are currently working on. Since the students in this class are at different levels, by meeting with them individually to discuss and look over their slide, we will be able to tell whether they understand the project or