Summary: Marilyn Monroe and Singer Gibbons Article Essay

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Laura Kaitlyn Lebold
Mathew Juark
10 January 2013
Summary and Evaluation of Gibbons and Singer
Gibbons article was expressing how the society has lost sight of what is real and who is a real role model for American society. Gibbons tends to really focus on how journalists spend more time on all the wrong things such as gossip, fame, making up stories to become a more “respected” journalist or to make their name known more. Gibbons also points out that as a country we focus more on entertainment such as watching television or spending time in front of a computer screen. Gibbon uses a few examples such as our postage stamps being Elvis or Marilyn Monroe or more people go and visit the Rock n’ Roll hall of fame in Cleveland more than the museum in New York City of respected hero’s in society. Gibbons view through the article is mainly negative, but as he wraps up the argument Gibbons talks about how we still have hope as a country because we still have respected journalist still and how America is a country that is run on religion, hope, and hard work.
Peter Singer is a utilitarian that is very strong in his views. Singer has a solution to end world hunger and that solution would be that people spend too much money on nonessentials. Singer believes that people should spend money on the things that they need such as paying bills and food and the rest should go to charity. Singer gives example known as Trolley Problems that gives us examples on how selfish the human