Summary Of A Modest Proposal By Jonathan Swift

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“A Modest Proposal” written by Jonathan Swift, takes place during a time of restoration throughout Europe when poverty was spreading just as much as the disease was. This story is a perfect example of getting a convoluted answer that does not solve the problem. In the story the Irish council sends out a request for a proposal. In this request they do not specify or lay down any guidelines as to what they are looking for as solution to their overwhelming problem. This being said they should have had no surprise when a man presents such an absurd solution to the problem at hand. Though when he finishes his recitation, the council is left in dismay.
In “A Modest Proposal” Ireland is overcrowded, like much of the world at that time, and the governing people are desperate for solutions. A request is sent out for a proposal that can eradicate the overcrowding, disease, and poverty that is
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He is telling of all the disease and overcrowding, all while making fun of the situation by keeping the spirit of the people light. In a time of poverty he found a way to make a mockery of what the people of that time are going through. He uses the proposal to get a rise out of the council. He knows that his ideas are ludicrous, but he wants to get their attention. Being a man of common sense, he knows that his idea will be rejected on grounds of common decency, but there is a point that needs to be made.
When guide lines are not put into place for answers to questions asked there will be a variety of solutions. Some of these solutions will be relevant, and others will be either ridiculous or anything but what you are looking for. This is represented by the fact that he did not have a traditional or modest proposal that was expected from him. When decisions are left up to the people there is no telling of what will come. Whether they are being sarcastic or genuine there is always a bad apple on a good apple