Summary Of Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable Miracle

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Pages: 6

I grew up in a small town named Cicero just southeast of Chicago. All throughout my childhood, gardens surrounded me. Both vegetable gardens and flower gardens were not only in my own family’s garden, but they were also in my neighbors’ garden. A couple of years ago, everything changed once my family and I moved from our small town into the big city of Chicago. Chicago is known for its bean, though it’s not actually called the bean. the sculpture does greatly resemble one, and for its huge skyscrapers. Honestly, it took us a while for us to adjust to our new fast-paced city. For a very long time, we stopped planting our gardens. We haven’t planted any flowers nor any vegetables in almost 6 years now. My uncle, who also lives with us, on the …show more content…
She makes the claim, “Traditionally, employment and family dictate about where to live” (Kingsolver 6). I do agree with this statement of hers, because the reason my family chose to move to Chicago was primarily because my mom’s job is in Chicago and because majority of our family lives in Chicago. However, Kingsolver also points out that the choices of food availability should also be taken into consideration when moving (6). For this reason, Kingsolver states, “We had come to the farmland to eat deliberately” (23). When Kingsolver says to “eat deliberately”, she is basically saying that they went to a land where they could eat with purpose. By eating meals with purpose, we will then be able to understand how much effort is put for growing and harvesting vegetables, hence the reason for my new garden. My uncle has already known the reason behind eating deliberately. This could explain why he always refuses to buy green peppers from the grocery store. He says, “they taste better, when I grow them myself” (Torres). Maybe with my new garden, I will also learn the meaning behind eating deliberately. Who knows, with the help of my uncle we might even inspire others to do the