Summary Of Camille Paglia's Essay Rape

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In Camille Paglia’s essay “Rape: A Bigger Danger Than Feminists Know,” the author argues why she believes that rape is of no importance. She states that rape is a terrible thing, but gives several reasons later in the essay as to why this is not entirely true. Paglia argues that feminists are to blame for giving women of today a sense of false hope that they “Can do anything, go anywhere, say anything, wear anything.” (396) She believes that women are inferior to men, and that men cannot be blamed for their actions against women. She states in her pre-writing, “If I ever got into a dating situation where I was overpowered and raped, I would say, ‘Oh well, I misread the signals.’” (Paglia 395) Her saying this implies that those that have been …show more content…
Her entire essay is based on her personal opinions on rape, gender, and feminism. She does not reference to any outside sources to support her claims at any point in her nineteen paragraph rant. Because of this, her essay is completely unreliable, it is simply nothing more than an angry woman’s argument against her own gender. Her essay does not even include opposing arguments; she barely mentions that rape is a horrible crime. The essay would be much more reliable if there were outside sources, both in support of her opinions, and against. She simply heatedly tells of how feminists brainwash woman into thinking they can do anything they want, as men are able to. (Paglia 395-399)
Paglia alludes that rape is no crime. The victim should entirely shrug it off, and should just avoid letting it happen again. The rapist was expected to take advantage of an ignorant woman; he is at no fault because that is merely what men do. If anyone is to blame for a woman being raped, it is feminists. Paglia does all but right out says that feminists are the sole reason that date rape exists. If feminism did not influence young women of today to believe that they are capable of anything, women would not put themselves in situations that could potentially be dangerous. (Paglia