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The fall part 4-8 starts off with Dana being in the cookhouse with Sarah and Nigel. While in the cookhouse she realizes how harsh the lives of slaves under their masters were. After she left the cookhouse Kevin and she went somewhere private to talk to one another. While they were talking she found out that Tom Weylin wasn’t too keen on slaves that know how to read and write. As time passed Dana grow closer to Sarah, Nigel, and Carrie. During her time there she learn’t how to cook from Sarah and she also learned how too many other things to help out like the other slaves. Just like the other slaves she slept in the attic upstairs.
While she was there she grow closer to Rufus who had a broken leg at the time and ends up being his teacher. Dana reads to Rufus almost every day and his mother isn’t too fond of that. Margaret Weylin doesn’t like Dana and she doesn’t like the fact she is close to her son. Tom Weylin tries to buy Dana even though he thinks having educated slaves around is a bad idea. Dana is scared of him and tries to avoid him. One day Tom Weylin was whipping a slave and he made all the slaves watch as an example if they tried to disobey him. Tom Weylin caught Dana reading in the library one day and he warned her that the only time she can read is when she is reading to Rufus. Kevin and Dana had been there so long that they started adjusting to life there. She went to the cook house and Nigel asked her could she teach him how to read and she agreed to do it. She begin to teach him to read despite what would happen if they were caught. Also Dana continued teaching Rufus and Rufus father was ashamed that Dana could read better then him and his son. One day Dana went to the cook house to give Nigel his lesson as usual and she offered to teach Carrie how to read. After Dana finished giving Nigel his lesson Tom Weylin walked in and caught her with a book in her handed and then he drug her out to the field and proceed to whip her repeatedly. Due to her life being danger she traveled back to her time 1976.

During this story I felt a connection to my ancestors. It really made me think of what my ancestors had to go through just for me to be where I am today. Throughout the selection slaves worked all day and took care of their masters to the point where the slave owners didn’t have anything else to do but lounge around all day. It’s hard knowing all the things slaves struggled with and sacrificed when the current generation to are ignorant and selfish and don’t appreciate things. In the novel I think Dana was overwhelm with emotions. As a kid and adult she heard all these stories about slavery and even had to go back and live in this time under a Master’s beckoning call. While Dana was there she grow more and more attached to the time and the people in the time and learned about the life hardships of slaves.
I believe as the story goes on that Dana will find herself in even more dangerous situations as time goes on. I believe she will stop…