Summary Of Chapter 4: Accelerating The Pace Of Change

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Everything discussed in Chapter 4: Accelerating the Pace of Change occurred between the 1670s and 1730s. Due to low resources war became very common during this era. For instance, the Natchez war in 1729 occurred because the French started constructing tobacco plantations in Mississippi importing hundreds of slaves. Runaway slaves and Natchez warriors attacked killing 200 colonists and freeing 300 slaves. However, the Choctaw warriors helped the French fight off the Natchez’s. There was also the Tuscarora War (1711-1713) where South Carolina, Catawba, Yamasee, and Cherokee joined together to against the Tuscaroras. The Yamasee War (1715-1717) where the Yamasees and Creeks fought against the Cherokee, Chickasaw, and South Carolina. Another