Summary Of Christine Jorgensen's A Personal Autobiography

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Christine Jorgensen’s “A Personal Autobiography” explained the importance of transsexualism during the 1960’s as Christine transition from woman to man. People who undergo transsexualism experience a gender identity, and are not satisfied with the gender they are originally born into. So instead of dressing in clothes of their sex, people will rather dress in clothes of the opposite sex. Dressing in the opposite sex can make a person feel like themselves again. To become the desired sex one wants to be, they seek hormonal treatment and other treatment and eventually their body will get adjusted. Jorgensen wanted to live her life with her desired gender. At first, she did not know how everyone will handle her transformation. Everywhere she turned, she just could not escape the …show more content…
This quote shows how much publication Jorgensen received as she was in the process of changing her body. Soon, after doubting herself, she started to see how accepting everyone was of her situation. Instead of criticizing her about not wanting to follow heterosexual norms, people started to embrace her. Jorgensen mentions “”Soon after my arrival, I began meeting friends and relatives, and found that this experience, which I’d somehow dreaded, was, for the most part, not really so difficult. People like Dr. Joe and Gen Angelo welcomed me home with open arms and I was delighted to renew those friendships” (65). This quote explains that there was a burden lifted off of Jorgensen’s shoulder. The relief that people emphasized with Jorgensen allowed her to form meaningful relationships. She also described how accepting her true self, she finally felt as if she was free. “Having once overcome my initial shyness, or at least learned to hide it, I began to feel more freedom in my ability to make new