Summary Of Edward Bloor's Tangerine

Words: 727
Pages: 3


In Tangerine, an action packed book by Edward Bloor we meet a boy named Paul Fisher. Being half blind and wearing glasses that make him look like an alien means that Paul sees the world differently than most people. But even with his glasses, Paul can notice that strange things happening in his new home in Tangerine County, Florida. I mean not many people can say that their school has been swallowed by a sinkhole or that fire has been burning underground in their town for years but Paul can. With all of that, Paul has to avoid harassment from his jerky, high-school, football star brother. Paul’s life is in chaos until he joins the middle school soccer team. With the help of his new friends Paul discovers the secrets of his new hometown
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Tangerine county is a lively and extraordinary place, filled with a countless amount of crazy phenomenon throughout the book. As for when the book takes place, that is not stated in the book but you can use context clues to find that out. There was a lack of digital items in the book and many of the times the author had to explain to his readers what the internets was. Also, the book was published in 1997 so people could think that it took place sometime in the …show more content…
Though, if a reader digs deep enough into the book they can find the root of all the conflicts. The main conflict was that Paul’s parents didn’t pay enough attention to him but instead payed more attention to his brother Erik. And even though they payed so much attention to Erik they couldn’t or didn’t see all the bad things about Erik. Yet Paul d
Main Characters
Paul Fisher is the character in the center of Tangerine yet he didn’t feel like the main character in his own life. Paul felt neglected from his family as his brother always took all the glory. I mean at least his mom showed that she cared about what he did but his dad made it pretty clear it was all about Erik. Paul is also the protagonist in Tangerine. The antagonist in Tangerine is Erik Fisher, Paul’s older brother and a constant thorn in his side. Erik always had the spotlight shining on him because of his football talent. His dad spent all his time on him yet he didn’t see all the jerky things Erik did, bullying people because of the way they look, hurting Paul’s friends etc. One of Paul’s really good friends was Joey Costello. Joey was the first friend Paul made in Tangerine. He was a good friend to Paul and even introduced him to the Lake Windsor Middle school soccer team. Even though these are some captivating characters, personally my favorite character from Tangerine Luis Cruz. Luis was the brother of