Summary Of Erika Nicole Kendall's 'No Myths Here'

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While analyzing Erika Nicole Kendall’s, “No Myths Here: Food Stamps, Food Deserts, and Food Scarcity,", Kendall had spent most of her time at her grandmother’s house and when she did, she would never have the ability to eat veggies or fruits and the reason being is due to the distance from the store. Additionally, Kendall would try to hunt down change to go to the corner store to get chips and soda to earn due to the fact that grocery stores were quite distant from her grandmother’s house. Many grocery stores were not within two miles of the projects. Sadly, it is very true that not everyone could have the ability to go to the store to get fresh, healthy, and nutritious food. From “No Myths Here: Food Stamps, Food Deserts, and Food Scarcity” by Kendall, she had learned that when one who lived in …show more content…
One should never be deprived of food because it is expensive. If anything, they should have fruit and veggies everywhere, but trash all the junk food such as all of those beer and pizza shops. I overall, could not agree more with Kendall and her opinion on the area the grocery stores are places. One cannot walk two miles to get to the store then walk that back with ten bags of groceries. From the text, this line truly stood out to me due to the fact that she was trying to prove the point that one cannot get to the store if one does not have the extra money: “. For myself, though, it was whatever I could get at the store. A bag of chips for breakfast, a bag of chips for lunch, a bowl of ice cream for dinner. If I wanted to go to the grocery, I had to either beg one of my girls to take me or call a taxi. I eventually called the taxi and cut back on groceries so that I could afford the ride, but… it was a lonnng time before I came to that realization” (Kendall 3). Food deserts are what is causing such a high increase in obesity due to the fact that one only had junk food versus healthy and nutritious food for one to