Summary Of Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation By Joseph J. Ellis

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The Beginning of a Nation and its Revolution The book “Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation” written by the Joseph J Ellis is one of the best well-known work on early American history. Ellis’s work is portrayed more as a persuasive argument of the gentlemanly American Revolution which talks about compromise and consensus. Ellis had a different analysis than others he portrayed that the founding member’s generation of the revolution as actors which their stage was history, securing their legends through battles and later on through legislation.
One aspect that Ellis brings up a good point is that he says that through Americans take the fact of their independence for granted. He brings up a point that independence was very different from how it was their forefathers were not sure of revisionary accomplishment. If there were different circumstances that favored British in the war there ancestors would have most likely been hung for celebrating for victory. Yet these men still had a sense of providence and predestination within themselves. Each having luck, intellect, and persistence on serving to shape the United States into a foundation. There was no other colony at this time period in history that had ever won their
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Ellis establishes what his intentions were early in the text. Ellis hoped to recover the sense of urgency during the Preface which was at the time of the Revolutionary War. He talks about how the founding father did not know they would win the war. While history has talked about viewing it as victory or luck. Ellis wanted to point out or distinguish between truth and fiction. The reasoning on why Ellis wrote the book was because he really wanted people to acknowledge the Founding Fathers on how they actually were: amazing unique men of great intelligence caught themselves into major problems with the revolution but had the greatest accomplishments with mistakes and prejudices as well with victory and