Summary Of Grade Inflation In America

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Are C’s rare? An education is something that will last you a lifetime, but is America’s education system being ruined by grade inflation? Phil Primack argues in his article “Why no one gets a C anymore?” Phil Primack claims that there is a great problem with grade inflation in America. I feel like this is a problem because some people think students are not working for grades anymore. He believes that this issue could be due to teachers not wanting to give out bad grades in fear that student will not want to take their class. Phil Primack’s article was published in the New York Times, the Boston Globe, and Columbia Journalism. In this report, I share my opinion in regard to his claims, backings, warrants and their corresponding supports. …show more content…
An example of this is when he said, “More and more academic leaders may lament grade inflation, but precious few have been willing to act against it, leaving their professors all alone in the minefield between giving marks that reflect true merit and facing the wrath of students for whom entitlement begins with the letter A.” (70 Primack). With all this said, I believe this is a claim of fact. He seems to be addressing an audience of teachers all across the nation. Throughout the article Primack gives facts to back the information he that he is giving. For example, when he said, “About 15 percent of Harvard students got a B-plus or better in 1950, according to one study. In 2007, more than half of all Harvard grades were in the A range.” (70 Primack) Phil Primack backs this information given by top officials at Harvard. These quotes give backings that support what he is saying about grade inflation in America. It is important for an author to have sources for the facts he