Summary Of Greasy Lake And Foggy Mountain Breakdown

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Waleed T Shaikh
Instructor: Jaggers
21 October 2014
Similarities between “Greasy Lake” and “Foggy Mountain Breakdown”
The story of "Greasy Lake" sets itself up as "rebel without a cause". The story revolves around three teenagers looking for trouble on a summer evening and finding it. A clear reading of the story shows that the three boys are truly lost as no remorse or regret is shown in their acts. The story shows the changing culture of the time and the boy’s desperation to be a part of it.
Similarly, Foggy Mountain Breakdown is a story of small town located in the hollow of Foggy Mountain and tells the story of the town kids, particularly a group of teenagers who like to play together. The main characters of the story are
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Greasy lake characters are in their late teens, there’s a sequence of them beating up a stranger and the dead body floating in the lake. This gives the story an eerie outlook and very dark, brooding setting and finish.
Similaryly, Foggy Mountain maintains the structure and flow of the story keeping it natural and according to the normal behavior of kids and pre-teens. This also transpires into the up close and personal social & moral dilemmas of the characters involved. We learn all about Davy, his struggle to get the bike and mend it and also his friends at the polo games he plays.
Furthermore, Greasy Lake is a linear story that starts and ends in a straight line sequence without having to trace its steps in the past or future. Foggy Mountain is also in a line sequence; starting in the present and then takes reader to the true nature and history of the story.
In conclusion it can be saiad that not only the stories but the language is also similar in both stories. The metaphors of “greasy lake” and “foggy mountain” can also be discussed here because if the stories are quite similar, Greasy Lake somewhat reflects to the style and nature of the characters i.e. greasy. For example; the teenage boys riding fast in the car and the girls with suggestive clothing at the