Summary Of Individual Motivational Strategy And Action Plan

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|Team Member Name |Summary of Individual |Motivational Strategy and Action Plan |Relevant Theory |
| |Characteristics | | |
| |Strong worker, engaging, outgoing, |-Discuss possible on site day care |If given opportunities to have reliable|
| |dependable, great customer service,|-Give her chance to move up in company |care, flexible work hours, perhaps her |
|Christina |reliable and diligent |-Assign engaging tasks |stress will lessen. |
| | |-Longer lunch breaks | |
| | |-Adjust work schedule to accommodate | |
| | |parenting schedule | |
| |Reliable, hard worker, great with |-Switch departments to a more steady work |Keeping her busy and adjusting work |
| |numbers and administrative work, |frame |breaks, could give a break. Employees |
|Yaddhi |loves to maintain a busy work |-Give employee breaks to do "whatever" |can benefit from being allowed to have |
| |environment |they need too |some "free" time to complete personal |
| | |- Longer lunches to complete personal |tasks |
| | |tasks | |
| |Young, charismatic, dependable, |Give a mentor, provide time to go to |Supporting young workers with their |
|Kim |reliable, works well with others |college and promote her based on college |college schedule can mean a more |
| | |grades |productive work environment |

Motivational theories

Some important factors to achieving success with your small business are the ability to motivate your employees. One of these is the "Hierarchy of needs" (Business, 2012). This places the human into 5 categories ranging from survival mode and need for self-actualization. According to Maslow, once one need is satisfied, an individual seeks to achieve the next level (Business, 2012). When applied to work, the theory implies that you the employer must understand the current need level of each employee to know what will motivate him or her. A new hire that has been