Summary Of Lucius Desdemona's Journal: Sometime In Fall?

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Lucius Desdemona’s Journal: Sometime in Fall
I write for I fear that my impending madness will take any semblance of rational thought and memory away from the rotting carcass of my mind. I have done a great measure of deplorable sinful acts, going so far as taking another's life to preserve my own. They were, I… I cannot go down that path for it may be… difficult to come back. I shall focus on what is occurring rather than lose myself in regret and pain of the past.
I have found a quiet place to rest in an abandoned hunters shed surrounded by a dense thicket of shrub and woods. A small crick winds through the undergrowth near the small shed wide enough that it cannot be jumped across but one can wade across with little difficulty. If they send the hounds it will useful to hide my scent. The wet marsh ground coated my feet and the tufts of fur from ratty pelts nailed to the walls, dull with age, added another layer of filth. The few scraps of musty paper lying
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I paused for a moment before scrambling to my feet and rushed for the crick, almost tripping over my cloak in haste. A snarl came from behind me and as I dove for the waters, I felt teeth and hot breath graze my ankle. For the two days following I was running, day and night without pause. On the second night I… had a fit of sorts. I saw lights, small blips in the distance. At first I was delighted to see them, hoping that they would lead me to salvation. But the specs moved; whether it was my mind or real life, I shall never know. I slowly stepped back and with each step it seemed as if the lights moved just minutely more towards me. Then (I know this had to be a concoction from my imagination) they swirled around me blocking my vision, my head throbbed in pain. I dropped to the ground screaming and clawing at my skull. When the light faded enough I whimpered and drug my body, like a broken animal, to my current