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In a blink of an eye life can change. For Lily Owens her life changed right before her eyes. In the novel The Secret Life of Bees , by Sue Monk Kidd , the setting took place in one of the most famous years , 1964, during the Civil Rights Movement. For a teenage girl without a mother life can be rough. Lily went through so many obstacles in this book without her mother, which led her to break the law by taking her mother figure rosaleen to a different state when wanted for harassing a white man. This led her to follow in her mothers, footsteps to a loving family that she never had. As lily voyaged away from her life at home, she meets June, May, and August Boatwright in Turbon, South Carolina. Lily finds herself finding bits and pieces of her life falling together when staying at the boatwright's house. She becomes a bee keeper with some love and help from the boatwright sisters. As staying with the Boatwright, she saw more of her mother in her than before. The longer Lily stays with the sisters, the truth of her mother’s death unfolds in front of her life.

Main Characters

Lily Owens: Is a young teenage girl who has a hard time wrapping her head around her mothers death

Rosaleen Daise: Is a middle age woman who is fighting for her rights as an African American and a nanny for Lily Owen’ s

August Boatwright: Is a respectful loving middle aged black women living in the south with barely any rights.

May Boatwright: She is a troubled young women who feels every emotion Everyone around her feels and is the most loving person in this novel.

June Boatwright: is a stubborn young woman who learns to love Lily and Rosaleen.

T Ray Owens: Is not the nicest person on the earth especially to his own daughter. T Ray only cares about his peaches, he's very self centered.

Themes The themes for The Secret Life of Bees are very significant. The themes in this book are Racism, Love and Feminism. As Lily stays with the boatwright house she sees the powerful female community in the household. Also while staying in the house she finally feels what it’s like to have family and experience real love for the first time since she was with her mother. Racism is a huge theme in this book, mostly all the main characters in this book are african americans living in the south during the