Summary Of The Ascent By Ron Rash

Words: 317
Pages: 2

In “The Ascent” By Ron Rash, Jared’s parents are drug addicts and because of that, their son isolate himself from his everyone and that eventually causes his death at the end of the story. Their drug habits make Jared’s life miserable and their attention is drawn away from Jared. Jared receives more attention from a dead couple than he does his own parents. While they are busy with drugs, Jared is out in the snow alone and they do not know where he is going or what he is doing. He is frequently spending more time with the dead couple and was getting comfortable visiting them. “The plane was snug and cozy” (25) He is lonesome at school and does not get enough care at home. Because he is so isolated, his imagination is abnormal. “Jared