Summary Of The Autobiography Of Malcolm X

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Malcolm X is a leader who may be considered a controversial figure in the eyes of many people. However, in his autobiography, Malcolm tells the story of his life and about his time in the Nation of Islam. Many people hold the fact that he was a member of the Nation of Islam against him but really he did change for the better and managed to become a well-known civil rights leader. In the book, The Autobiography of Malcolm X, the audience that Malcolm was writing to in chapters 18 and 19 were those who felt that Malcolm was wrong in choosing to believe in the Nation of Islam to show the change that he made in his beliefs towards racial issues in the United States.
Malcolm wrote the chapters 18 and 19 to show his new viewpoint on how race issues in the United States can be fixed and how that impacted his part of the civil rights movement. According to the book, “... both races, as human beings, had the obligation, the responsibility, of helping to correct America’s human problem” (432). Malcolm’s statement about the solution of racial issues in America is very much different than what the Nation Of Islam would’ve done. Instead of declaring that whites are the whole problem, the Malcolm changes his belief to that both
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Malcolm wrote those chapters the fact that he was able to make a change in his beliefs for the better. Along with that, Malcolm X showed his readers how the Nation of Islam changed his viewpoint on race issues in America and taught him that racism is really only a problem in the United States due to his travels with the Nation of Islam. Lastly, Malcolm wanted his readers to see that he was aware that the Nation of Islam was questionable and was not a good