Summary Of The False Religion Of Mideast Peace

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Faith is attractive because it is a means of general satisfaction and stability. However, it represents also a strong bond with a fixed set of principles. As Aaron David Miller (an American Middle East analyst and negotiator) claims in his journalistic article The False Religion of Mideast Peace. And why I’m no longer a believer., the American attempt to solve the Arab-Israeli conflict has become a ‘peace process religion’ (Miller), a ‘dogmatic creed’(Miller) based on an immutable triad: firstly the need of a comprehensive peace, secondly the cession of lands during peace negotiations, and finally the primacy of the U.S. as an effective mediator in the peace-making process. After having acknowledged that there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans on that issue, Miller states that the U.S. ought to be realistic and recognize that the Middle East is an area in constant flux, over which it cannot impose its own will. …show more content…
Firstly, there is urgency to reacquire new credibility and reliability among Western countries after the ruinous government of Bush and his disastrous policy in that area. Then, a peace failure could have strengthened Soviet influence over Middle East, jeopardize the existence of Arab moderates in politics and deny access to oil. Lastly, Miller recognizes that the American sense of duty in making the world a better place, solving conflicts and spreading peace and democracy throughout the world has always played a major role in their approach to this war. Nevertheless, the author does not even mention in this list that the U.S. could have the strategic opportunity of surrounding and controlling the Arab neighbours by supporting Israel against