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The Close Reading Analysis of “Tuesdays with Morrie”
Jose Ernesto Costemalle
Mr. Fields
AP English III

Jose Ernesto Costemalle Costemalle 1
Mr. Fields
AP English III
3 March 2015
Bucket list
1- Go backpacking through Europe
2- Visit London on a snowy day
3- Take a ride on the gondola in Venice with the person that I will love.
4- Bungee jump off the statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro
5- Visit the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City
6- Attend Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro
7- Take a cruise through the Panama canal
8- Buy my car collection
9- Take a walking tour of Paris
10- Take a tour of London from the top of a double decor bus
11- See the northern light
12- Go skydiving
13- Swim with dolphins
14- Get married
15- Ride an Elephant in India
16- Zipping through the Amazon jungle
17- Scuba dive in the great barrier reef in Australia
18- Donate Blood
19- Go white board water rafting
20- Help someone fulfill a bucket list wish
21- Go parasailing
22- Visit every continent
23- Fly in a hot air balloon Costemalle 2
24- Go zorbing
25- Visit the great wall of China
26- Go on a safari in Africa
27- Take a random flight out of the country
28- Visit Disney world
29- Visit Hawaii
30- Attend the Oktoberfest in Germany
31- Go to Greece
32- Experience Zero Gravity
33- Visit Las Vegas with “the Bros” when were over 21
34- Visit Ireland
35- Kiss in the rain
36- Go Camping visit Stonehenge
37- See the pyramids of Giza
38- Go camping
39- Visit Cancun during spring break
40- See Niagara Falls
41- Go paintballing
42- Stay in an over water bungalo in Bora Bora
43- Go to a Maroon five concert
44- Sail across the world
45- Learn to play the piano
46- Visit Machu Pichu
47- Host a bonfire at the beach at night
48- Go hangliding
49- Visit the louvre
50- Attend an Imagine Dragons concert

Costemalle 3

Go Back Packing through Europe- Ever since I was a toddler, I have been told stories of my dad and his adventures traveling through Europe backpacking with his friends. These stories have drawn me to curiosity and to research them. I think about how much I would like to go all the time with friends of my own. Visit London on a snowy day- I have always loved the snow and have always dreamt of visiting London for myself. In London it is almost always raining, since it is cold and really far up north I figured that snowball fights at some of the most famous landmarks in the world would be a blast.

Taking a ride on the Gondola in Venice- It is a “known” fact that I am a hopeless romantic always wanting a relationship in order to feel cared for. Taking a ride in the gondola would be one of the most romantic activities to do in the entire world. I just put both together and get something that would forever be remembered by me.

Bungee jump of the statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro- For 1 I have always been one for action and stunts, and have always wanted to go to Rio for myself and see the statue of Christ. I wish to accomplish this feat with my friends by my side cheering me on, just like when doing any other stunt. Visit the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican- I have been a fan of artwork ever since my dad introduced me to it. The Sistine Chapel besides being painted by one of the most famous artist in the world, Michelangelo. The epicenter of my religion is located in Vatican City to which I would love to learn more about from the Catholic capital of the world. Costemalle 4

Attend the Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro- The Carnaval festival in Rio is also known as the largest party in the world that attracts people from all over the