Summary Of What's Love Got To Do With It By Wenice Brennan

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People want the best for their life and family. People from all over the world want to travel outside their countries and produce money, in specific people with few opportunities and resources.
DENISE BRENNAN is a cultural anthropologist who analyzed different cultures and makes connections with their larger changes. Most of her researchers are about migration, labor and gender. Also, Brennan try to fight for women’s rights. She uses carrier to help and to show people how poor women and poor men develop in different societies. She explores how women seek for opportunities to leave their country or to move to better places for them and their families. Brennan wrote two interesting books: What's Love Got to Do with It? Transnational Desires
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They are known as postitutas, trabajadoras sexuales (sex workers) and man are known as sankie-pankies. This activity is attractive for foreigners who visited Sosúa and stayed there. Most of them are from German who brought lands and built business. This new flow of foreign environment opened tourism doors, but at the same time, it opened doors for crimes and sex diseases.
“There are better opportunities for poor people outside the Dominican Republic” this is what old people say. It looks like the only choice Dominicans have. It comes from a misunderstanding of point of view that Dominican received from tourists and this idea have a great impact on Dominicans. My main point is why and how Dominican are looking for opportunities outside their county. The tourists bring a message to the island and they may not do it consciously but they protect an idea of their wealth or rich live style when they get to the island. They spent a lot of money on hotels with prostitutes and alcohol. As a result, sex workers want to have money like the tourists do. They want to leave the county with them. Tourists can afford privilege that people with low income can not