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Summary of
Health Canada Inadvertently Discloses Facts
Planned Parenthood Would Like to Suppress by Ted Byfield

In “Health Canada Inadvertently Discloses Facts Planned Parenthood Would Like to Suppress”(222), Ted Byfield argues that Canadians are prioritizing success in their careers over having children. This change in Canadian society is leading to a major decline in our population and consequently having a negative effect on the economy. Since the citizens with the most education and the highest income are choosing not to produce offspring, the next generation’s opportunities, and therefore intelligence levels, will drop. Byfield explains that this will not only have an effect on the economy in North America, but on a global scale.

Byfield reveals statistics, supported by Health Canada, that show some of the highest paid men and women in our society are choosing not to reproduce because of their careers. The professors who ran the study have concluded that many women and some men in the work place who have not had children have decided this because their job is their number one priority. Byfield states, “If many of the best potential parents in our society won’t produce offspring, or perhaps only one child late in life, the intelligence level of the next generation will surely decline”(222).

The author reveals the government, up until recently, has promoted having fewer children to avoid overpopulation. In reality, what they should have focused on was the polar opposite, the rapid decline of the population in just a few short years. Based upon what was thought to be credible research, Government sponsored organizations such as Planned Parenthood have been encouraging people since the 1960’s to have fewer children. Afterall, the predicted “population explosion” was inevitably going to lead to starvation for millions. This misled concept in turn has led to a population decline, “a “birth dearth” that will wreak great havoc on the economies of much of the western world”(222).