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School Board Meeting
School Board Meeting:
As a teacher, you will be affected by decisions made by your local school board. Each student will attend a local school board meeting. A list of questions will be provided to help you reflect on this experience. After attending the meeting, the student will write a 2 page reflection paper of what was learned. Assignment due when completed. (by the end of the semester)

Provide brief background information about the school district

What was discussed during this meeting? Policies, budget, financial situation, assessment, etc.

What did you learn while attending?

What questions were asked by the audience?

What did you question after you left?

Do you have a clearer understanding of how a school board operates?
Ohio Code of Conduct Assignment
Visit the Ohio Department of Education web site and look up licensure code for Professional Conduct for Ohio educators.

Your assignment is to summarize this seventeen page document.

Your paper should be no shorter than 2 pages in length.
Ohio Department of Education Scavenger Hunt
EDU 100: Ohio Department of Education Scavenger Hunt

Visit the Ohio Department of Education website to find the answers to the following questions. Who is the Ohio Superintendent?

Select a school district you are familiar with. How is it performing according to the Local School Report Card? What is the designation for that district?

How many districts in the state of Ohio were ranked Excellent with Distinction or Excellent for the 2011-2012 school year?

Of the 26 indicators, how many were met by the state during