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Chapter 1
What is the science fiction
It’s complicated to give a definition, for this definition should balance fiction’s relation to reality and its exclusivity. As the SF writer Theodore Sturgeon said “A good science fiction story is a story with a human problem, and a human solution”, which appropriately explains the science fiction’s true mean—I think it means science fiction is a tool to show the relationship between natural and human, for natural lead human to find out itself.

Literature and film.
The critical is to SF film what critical is to Literature. Literature also base on science. SF literature including two aspects which are antiscience and proscience.”Destination Moon” represented for authentically aspect, and “The Thing” represented for prescience aspect. And it conveys filmmakers’ ideas to audience. SF literature is more profound than SF films because good films depend on the good story.

Transylvania on Mars: Horror and science Fiction
Relationship between these two genre is SF use horror to convey ideas. And the difference is their emphasis, the horror focus on the confliction between individual and society or some extension himself, while the SF focus on the confliction between society and some aliens or other. “The Wolf Man”, “Jack Arnold’s Tarantula”, ”The frog”, “House of Wax” and so on are examples of horror, which just scared people.

Trouble with Creatures and Monsters
The antagonist often had two types, one was pejoratively referred to as BEM, the other one was a transformed human being. The difference between Creature film and SF film is the former one focus less on the horror or science but more on the preservation of social order. Brian Murphy thinks: it is the horror of what we have done, scientifically and militarily to bring the world the brink of destruction.

Magic, Science, and Religion: