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1. SWOT analysis of Intel Company has focused on both negatives and positives of the organization. There are four aspects will be discussed.

Strengths: Intel is the most valuable brand in the world and it has the largest market share all over the. Intel is looking for the information of microprocessor, and it has continued the developing of new growth area such as home entertainment and mobile. It is the largest number global technology corporation with revenues exceeding 37 billion. The customers come from every parts of the world and people are not familiar with any other brand apart from Intel.

Weaknesses: Intel comes up with a very technical strategy in response to its competitors, which is not easily understood, by most of the people. They have taken the advantage of being a brand leader; they provide cheaper items to its consumers with no benefit.

Opportunities: Intel should regard customers as the most crucial parts of their business and make changes on regular basis to meet the needs of their users. Market research and product development will be more useful if they focus on their existing market. Furthermore, they can reduce the cost of their production. It will not only reduce cost but will also result in better quality .They can make partnerships with other brands to reduce the competition.

Threats: As the technology is increasing rapidly, Intel should keep changing and developing some new product. Customer taste might change and they will shift to the other competitive products if they do not get what they need. Intel should pay more attention on its competitors. Political issue has become quite a problem in some of the areas. It becomes hard to maintain market share with the occurrence of new and cheap local companies.

2. What growth strategies should Intel pursue based on information from the case?

Refer to the article, Intel should invest more on its research and development department. They can launch some new project to enhance the revenue. Intel must do more innovation to keep the first place in the world. Intel can get in good with young generation. Moreover, they should focus on the need of consumers. The new idea of advertisement can also improve the company’s brand awareness. As the leader of the technology companies, Intel must keep developing and changing all the time.

1. Complete a five forces analysis.
Threat of new entrants
Factors Analysis Threat
Government Police They are supporting free personal financial management. low
Product differentiation It is hard to differentiate new product from the products that already existed. low
Brand loyalty It is quite easy to change brand in software, but due to high in switching cost that make the threat Low- Medium Low- Medium
Capital requirement Low capital requirement to start the business high
Threat of substitute products or services
Factors Analysis Threat
Internet Self-prepared tax returns filed electronically has expanded. high
Certified public accounting firm The firm will decrease the number of individual using software. medium
Switching cost It is in switching cost for small business to switch from one brand to another. Low-medium
Intensity of competitive…