Summary: The Busted Body In The Parlor

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Chapter 12: The Busted Body in the Parlor
Karaoke night was a big deal at the Gin Joint and the bar was packed. Jake made his way through the crushing crowd and finally found Logan seated at a table sipping his drink and eating nachos. Jake ordered a whiskey sour from the chunky waitress that had walked over to the table wearing a revealing low-cut top and a short skirt. Then he yelled at Logan "so I'm off to Kiev in the Ukraine for a couple of days. I am leaving in an hour. Just wanted stop and say goodbye." "What, Kiev no don't go there. I just read the other day in the paper that the state Department is warning all United States citizens to put off their travel plans to Ukraine. According to the article that is way too much violence" Logan
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He disembarked, walked a short ways, and then knocked on number 28. After several light taps the unlocked door swung opened and Nestor's busted up body rested on the parlor floor. Nestor had obviously been strangled. He was covered in large dark burses and wore a pair of red buckskin pants, combat boots, and no shirt. He appeared to be in his mid twenties and his upper body was embossed with religious gang related tattoos. Several of Nestor's cronies wearing expensive black leather jackets were crammed inside his tiny flat. Jake pulled out his plastic Glock pistol that he had managed to get through the airport security and pointed it at one of Nestor's associates and asked "what happen?" He told Jake that "Nestor was planning on traveling to Italy to carry out a hit. Nestor was murdered by Yan Adamovich a former KGB officer. Yan didn't want the hit to go down simple as …show more content…
He opened one of the drawers and began to rummage through the heaps of associated papers for any evidence connecting Nestor to Nick's murder. Suddenly various Ukrainian police officers crashed through the small apartment entrance. A cleft chinned officer with a angular jaw and solid broad shoulders hollered brashly in broken English at him "you, you American what are you doing here? Get against the wall." Jake stammered in distress "I'm a retired.............." The officer interrupted and forcefully shouted "shut up and put your hands in the air. He then handcuffed Jake, seized his pistol, chucked him into the back of a car, and took him down to headquarters for questioning. Inside, the oppressive, discolored building Jake was escorted into a bright pink wallpapered interrogation room with only one chair and a small table. The cop removed his handcuffs and put a heavy bag filled with rocks on the chair and asked Jake to take a seat. Jake lifted the bag and placed it on the floor next to the table. The officer glared at him with disgust and punched him hard in the chest and then snarled, "I never told you to move that. Why did you do that? You don't like to follow orders do you? We will have a problem." Once the officer had left the room Jake sat there in pain for long time. Finally, an interrogator entered the room and using a constrained pitch demanded "what are you